LZ Roofing & Siding LLC is a roofing company in Trenton, NJ serving the city and nearby areas since a long time back.

What Services do we offer?

We offer entire roofing Services in Trenton and neighboring areas in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. However, it is not just roofing service that we offer. We have Something extra as well.

    Any repair Services you need for your roof in Mercer, NJ or nearby areas, consider hiring us for a great end result. Whether it is just some slight leakages that need to be repaired or a large part of roof to replace or repair, our roofing contractors in Mercer County, NJ are readily available.
    We do all the residential, industrial and commercial roofing service.We have frequently worked on asphalt shingles, slate and tile roofing, metal roofing, flat roof, wood shakes and other roofing types.
    Siding is not just a final end to your walls. Besides giving beautiful visual appearance, it protects your walls from various climatic elements and insulates your home. And installing siding is not a child's play. If you need reliable and qualified Siding contractors in Trenton, Lawrence or nearby areas, we are here. Whatever the type of siding that you are planning to fit, we are expert in any kind of siding installation. We work on any siding materials including metal sidings, wood sidings, brick sidings and more.


We roof your home! We do siding tasks and LZ Roofing & Siding LLC has something more to offer. We also provide painting Services, work on masonries, and install doors and windows.

Why are we different from others?

It is not that we choose a completely different roofing methods and technologies to complete roofing projects. But there are small things, that we do a bit better than other roofing companies out there. This is something that makes us stand out from other roofing companies in Trenton and nearby areas in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

We do not keep the reasons of our achievement hidden from you. Here they are:

  • We quickly respond your emails and calls.
  • Besides strength and aesthetic appearance of a roof, we pay Special attention in other factors like energy efficiency, overall cost, Eco-friendly materials and $0 forth.
  • We have no hidden or extra costs and we work as per your budget.
  • No delay and no hassling work! We work efficiently, consistently and finish the project in allocated time.
Call us now! Our surprisingly reduced service rate for a limited time awaits you!
tel. +1 (609)-510-0277